Miracle of all my life!

Now I can not only say but can cry in voice! Few years ago I even couldn’t thing about this! After all went through I didn’t want to be silence and came out this confession for you, my dear people! May be it help for those who suffering yet. Redemption is came already!


 Confession of doomed man.

 I feel the end.. It can’t be life any more.. never be an enjoyment from blue sky and strong rain, never come to me my beloved children Nick and Marlin with laughter “father-father, you are our engine!!” Never ever I touch my lovely wife.. My God! So I love her! What I can do now? How I will play the role the happy father and success businessman, to give for every one my smile and show that is I’m so luck person, I’m ok!

No life for me any more! I cursed from God and people!

It was like verdict for me – doctors just open their hands and say: “AISD”.. I was sitting in clinic many hours without moving to some where, I was in chock! Just one thought did the beating inside my had: “I doomed. I doomed..” The world around was immediately change, I loose it: the cars are running some where, people abuse with no meaning, cursed each others, have to marry- to born children- to divorced – to die.. I sow my self in this chaos of the life: how did I live? What it was important for me? For whom I prayed and was guilty in front of me?

I start to look for the meaning of the life, which I still had in my hands. I have red many books for medicine, about the Cosmic low and start to learn the knowledge even about God, but finally I didn’t understand nothing: the tradition medicine is powerless, the Cosmic is so great and has no end so to reach it impossible, and all religions in one voice are crying about eternal and whole God, but at the same time they deny each other and lie to every one about some love! Where is the Truth?? I didn’t relax and continuously search my answers.

The miracle sudden came into my life! Once my friend called me and said: “This is for you, Bernard! Here the telephone – there are in Russia people make miracles! They cure from every diseases! Do you understand? Call immediately!”

I called and then I traveled to Russia.

The meeting with these people – healers of “Altain-Thibetian Center of non-traditional medicine” perhaps was the main meaning of all my life, which I looked for years. Those who lived the fear of death and hopeless of being may understand these words.

 By the Healears of Center I have got the special Course from nine cycles (each one has three healings). I would like to say what happened with me after the first healing: during the ceremony I felt a great Light came over me, my body became fool of silver stars, each of them penetrate inside of my skin.. I have never felt so grateful state of happiness, calmness and harmony.. After second healing came feelings that my body is start to breath very lightly and gently, the skin was changing in color: from the grey color it became light rose, to me came back the healthy appetite! In hour from the first healing people around immediately recognized my inner changing: stress and dark feelings completely disappeared! I start to trust more my yang healer – she worked with very worm and calm feelings, the Power which she used was gradable and strong! To write what happened after it is very difficult for me.. but I’ will try. It was normal day in Pitersburg when I had a third Course of healing in analysis of blood didn’t recognize the Vich infection.. It was a shock again! I was absolutely healthy! UNBELIVEBAL!! It was Miracle Day.. I was in Russia – strange long trip from death to hope.. But it already happened with me!

In this time I told my self to know more about this wonderful Method.

Here is what the teachers of Center speak about:

  • Now appear the unique remedy from very hard diseases of humanity: AISD, drugs and

alcoholic dependence, heart, lungs and kidney problems, all kind of belly illnesses, physiological and many others problems which appear now on the Earth. We create a School aspecially for this Method and invite doctors and investigators for scientifically researches. The first group of investigators already did confirm for the Method that the best result of recovering is coming from the stimulation of immunological system of the patient, which giving the push to get out not only the fireplace of illness even disappeared other diseases about which the patient him self didn’t know yet. To be healed completely need to take nine courses by three healings. Every patient has a special own recommendation from a healer.

Who has dependence to drugs, alcoholism, smoking can be cure too.  

The principal advantage of Method is a healing by Divine energy, which is not enough on Earth now – exactly from this people are suffering with many hard diseases! This Method is exist only in Russia and little group of  healers are have the abilities to use it. They cure by the help of Divine energy and they are the guides – elect people by the Hand of Divine Power.

 This is the unbelievable recover of my life. Don’t you believe? You can try by your self!

I’M ABSOLUTELY HEALTHY! I’m sure this Method very soon will shake all the world – so many illnesses on Earth! Then will come Miracle – people start to feel Divine Blessing and all fears will disappear, because this energy can cure the Soul.

Bernard, healer, England