We invite you to join the project and support the “LOVE FIELD” in the media world. We can give interviews prior to the event to broaden the disclosure.

We can also send materials with references to various scientific studies on the effect of positive emotions in post-surgical recovery, such as positive thinking improves the immune system and helps patients achieve better treatment outcomes. Feel the urge to ask.

We would be honored to meet you personally and be able to discuss opportunities for collaboration in the coming days.
This is the universal law of attraction: when you send these people the help of vibrations, the Universe will bring back to you the same vibe and you will receive help from the universe in different ways, perhaps unexpected for you.

Currently, there is an overall direction being followed, that is to participate in volunteer activities in major international charitable movements.
Join us and be part of the great international movement “LOVE FIELD,” which has helped thousands of people around the world.


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